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What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.

Custom Crystal Wand 


Pyrite Crystal Wand ~ Manifest WEALTH   

Citrine Crystal Wand ~ Manifest Clarity, Creativity & Happiness  


I call them “EarthCraftWands” but they’ve also been described as…

  • Crystal or Healing Wands 
  • Energy Wands
  • Meditation or Manifesting Wands
  • Talking or Tribal Sticks

Why do I make wands?!  

Because it’s FUN & different & it feels awesome!

Because creating earth inspired ART is a mind-blowing process!

Because it’s meditative + thrilling!  



Sounds crazy, I get it, but unearthing a branch’s unique design is exciting AF!  The Universe sends me these intoxicating creative downloads!  I feel the magic, trust the whispers & BOOM wands are born!  It’s that simple!


Birthing wands fills my soul with joy & peace & intense pleasure & you can’t put a price on that feeling!


I coach on self-love because I want women to feel THAT!  That powerful feeling of JOY.

I want women to fall wildly in love with themselves & then share their gifts with the world!


I make wands because making wands FEELS GOOD!  The end!

Ok.  So you make wands!  But what are they exactly?  What are they made of?

My definition:  

A wand is a powerful, metaphysical handheld TOOL, a beautifully handcrafted, nature-inspired WORK OF ART & a self-love TALESMAN!


My teenager’s definition:  

A wand is a stick with a rock!


The Branches:

The branches are hand-selected & then carefully bathed to preserve their beautiful imperfections!  I always respect the branch’s organic shape but I lovingly whittle, carve, sand, paint/stain & often wire-wrapped the piece!

I believe in energetic exchanges, so when collecting branches, I always leave an offering at the base of the tree.  #yourwelcomesquirrel


The Crystals:


Then, they’re infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils, charged with positive vibes & blessed with MoonWater!

Why owning a wand is a must!

They bring love and light into your life.  To heal, help find love (open your heart), create abundance, They increase self–love & confidence, chakra cleansing, energy blockage clearing, aura balancing…


Because they’re STUNNING and feminine & powerful and the weight of them in your hand is EVERYTHING!!!


To enhance their intuition, holding a wand relieves stress & anxiety.  To protect their aura., to diffuse anger, for grounding purposes, to enhance meditation, dispel negativity, for motivation, self-esteem, help with depression, to celebrate new beginnings!