mentoring - Genevieve Richer
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Fall wildly in love with the Goddess you are with the guidance of a Self Love Mentor!

My business coach once told me… Don’t “tell people to laugh… Say something funny so they can’t help BUT laugh!


Why?!  Because THIS sweet sisters, is how I coach!!!

Over the last decade, I’ve developed a kick-ass Self-Worship Practice that WORKS!

Sure, I could lay it all out for you, bells, whistles, a few heartfelt promises but fuck that shit!


I don’t “TELL” you to practice self-care.  I don’t tell you to fall wildly in love with yourselves!


I share my experience, trigger feelings in you which allow you to experience SHIFT!  I SHOW you the limitless possibilities that self-worship provides so you can’t help BUT become the happiest woman you know!


Get it?!


Right?!  Lol

When you’re ready for transformation and deep level shift, (I mean REALLY ready, like you feel it in my soul kinda READY…) enlightenment, accountability & encouragement are KEY!

Over the course of 6 weeks, I share, trigger & incite self-love.
I hold sacred space for you so that you can experience my unconventional lessons, inspirational challenges & proven strategies!

I meet you where you are by offering you curated, personalized mentorship.

That’s what you are paying for!

Unlearn social conditioning

You’ll walk away from our time together feeling seen, held, blissfully renewed, empowered, worthy & excited AF!!!

Know that supporting you while you fall in love with yourself and become the happiest woman you know is one of my divine super powers!

Genevieve radiates magic without a filter! Her beautiful energy, compassionate guidance & simple approach to self-care make her an expert like no other! She opened my eyes, allowing me to see the Goddess I was born to be. She also helped me create a much-needed self-care practices that fits into my busy schedule! But honestly, I think the biggest take-away for me is that I‘ve given myself permission to fill my cup first & it feel amazing!

~ Nancy

12 powerful strategies


Each one-hour session offer a safe space to explore, practice & learn.
These meetings providing deep insight & mad illumination.


As a quick start bonus, you’ll also receive:

GODDESSING, My 21 day Guide to Self~Worship!

My powerful Cord-Cutting Meditation!

Plus, 14 days post program, I’ll gift you with a free 30 minute “I got you + let’s catch up” session where we trouble shoot & if desired, review & recommit to YOU!


You’re investment:

One payment of $1200.00

Or 4 payments of $325.00

6 Weekly Zoom calls + daily accountability check-ins