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The key to living a passionate, ridiculously chill life is SIMPLE!

Fall wildly, unapologetically in love with yourself!

Let me show you how!

Introducing THREESOME | me, myself & i


So first and foremost,
THREESOME | me, myself & i is my NEW private fb group!

It’s kind of like a sacred space with a secret society vibe! 

It’s SELF-LOVE…in a paid membership!

It’s a place where I can coach, inspire & support YOU. DAILY!

Where I can teach you my simple,
yet super powerful SELF-CARE strategies.

It’s also a place where YOU can come recharge your batteries!

It’s where YOU’ll learn how to pencil YOURSELF in. Finally!

& It’s where you’ll learn to practice the intoxicating art that is self-love.

Or maybe… it’s where you get to just BE. 


When all is said and done, THREESOME was created to leave you feeling better, stronger & way more confident than when you clicked in! A place where YOU can fill your cup with a bunch of high vibe stuff!

Each month you get:

Access to my private, super VIP FB group!


Exclusive Self-Love content, tools, inspiration & strategies! (Created bite size for easy consumption)


Weekly video trainings w/workbook + homework!


Custom meditation to help keep you grounded.

(You guys! I have the voice of an ANGEL!!! You’ll love it I promise!)

Weekly journal prompts (Because writing is life!)


Weekly live Q&A w/access to replays


DIY Self-Love Rituals + Guest Mentors!


Self-Love Book Club


Exclusive VIP pricing on all 2020 offerings! (Because I can!)

Who is this membership for?!

This is for the woman WHO IS (motherf*cking) READY!


YOU: OMG Genevieve… I get it now! It makes total sense!

Cars can’t run on EMPTY & neither can humans!!!

Cars need GAS! I need JUICE too! Right?!!!

I can’t be a happy, patient, kind, cute + super chill (mom, wife, friend, human…) if I DON’T FILL MY CUP FIRST!!! LOL


Seriously though, if you’re done, like really done with feeling like roadkill, this is for you.

If finding time to pee is an actual struggle because you’re THAT busy, than yeah, this membership group is also for you.


(Roadkill = exhausted, drained, spent, overscheduled, often irritated &/or bored AF!!!) It’s ok. I get it.

My life can get cray too! I’m a mom, a wife & a business owner. I have friends & family, an X & a cat! Obligations, bills & more laundry than I can EVEN!!!


But guess what. I juggle with grace & ease! Gratitude & joy. I lead with love & I prioritize my desires. I’m rested, connected to Source & my cup is so full that I can serve from a place of abundance & flow.

I let life be easy you guys!


And you can too.


What you’ll learn!

🔥 You’ll learn to SAY NO without feeling guilty or fearing judgement so you can SAY YES to everything that lights you up!

🔥 You’ll learn how to EXPAND TIME so you can SLOW DOWN, & connect to your higher power!

🔥 You’ll learn how to listen to your body & trust your intuition so you can prioritize JOY/FUN/EASE and practice it DAILY!

If you’re feeling pulled & you want in, the time to JUMP is now! Hanging out with your very own self-love coach is kind of fire! And just so you know my sweet friends, this membership is THE MOST AFFORDABLE way to work with me & have access to my teachings!



PS: Everything was created bite size for easy consumption! You’re welcome!

Buy Now


Get everything listed above

for just $47/month.

Cancel anytime

(we just ask you email in 7 days before your next payment is due!)

OPTION TWO: 4 Payments of $100

Save $164 when you pay for the membership in quarterly instalments. For convenience, you will not be auto-billed for the yearly plan but are welcome to re-enroll after one year.


Save  $314 (pay $20.80/month) when you pay for the membership for the year. For convenience, you will not be auto-billed for the yearly plan but are welcome to re-enroll after one year.