about - Genevieve Richer
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Hi! I’m Genevieve!

And I’m so , SO happy that you, my sweet sister, are here!

Welcome to genevievericher.com!  (Also known as Superchickland!)


In this sacred space, I share everyday rituals, expert self-love tips & simple mindset strategies

to support you, as you fall wildly in love with your beautiful SELF!


I passionately coach on what lights me up!


Exploring ~ Pausing ~ Escaping

Celebrating ~ Storytelling ~ Making

and so much more you guys!



Who am I?!


I’m a funny, optimistic, wildly intuitive, Gen Xer who’s deepest desire is to help women see themselves through the lens of LOVE!


I do this by showing up and opening your eyes to THE TRUTH!

Living your best life, passionately & with confidence, is your one & only job!  You were created to experience & share pleasure!  To live & love & serve!  Being happy is your birthright!  Feeling good is a good thing!  Because when you feel good, the desire to be of service is ever-present!


Repeat after me:  

Being in love with myself is my divine responsibility & the fastest way to spread joy, love & positivity!



I’ve been called an expert at prioritizing pleasure, a master at saying NO without guilt and a pro at manifesting abundance!  

These titles rock & I receive all 3 with grace & mad gratitude!


Being a respected Self-Love Strategist, here, on this planet to serve, teach, love & inspire you is a blessing/privilege I never take for granted.


Instead, I live a SUPER high-vibe existence, giving as much as I can in as many ways as I can!


I’ve created a life I adore!  Where I get to coach soulclients + make art (Crystal Wands mostly…) from my home in Montreal Canada!


My latest obsession?!  Exploring, embracing & celebrating midlife!


My (not so little) seedlings, (Clara 21, Niko 18 & Sophie 13!) are my most colourful creations thus far!


Oh & I’m also kind of a newlywed!  One who unapologetically adores making her  her husband’s life pleasurable, easy & deliciously drama free!


If you feel my vibe, stay, engage & let’s be friends!


Disclaimer: My magic only works if YOU actually DO THE WORK!


Are you ready?!  Let’s do this!


Genevieve xx

5 Fun Facts that make me, ME!

1. While pregnant with my son, I was obsessed
with sniffing SOAP!

2.  I can feel people’s energy!

3. The Universe & I are besties & I know she has my back!

4. Despite the fact that I pee
myself every damn time, I’m wildly addicted to

& 5. I secretly wish we lived in an enchanted treehouse!