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Moon gatherings are super powerful! 

(& yes, perhaps kinda woowoo weird but I say…“Ladies, let’s honor our weird together!”)


In the spirit of sisterhood, I’ve decided to host my first “Full Moon Woman’s Circle” ~ A casual gathering to honor the magical moon!


~ Come celebrate your Divine Femininity with other like-minded sisters & soak up some Goddess love & light!


Let’s light some candles share rituals & chat about all things self-worship!


If you’re into crystals, oracle cards, angels & spells… If you love books, oils & , you were meant to partake!

This evening promises to rock your world!

NOTE:  This Moon Circle is a judgment-free/ super safe place to celebrate being YOU!


Take away rituals:


1) Create your own moon water

2) Sage & charge your crystals

3) Full moon meditation + affirmation


$50.00 to offset event costs + all the things