book - Genevieve Richer
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If I wait, I’ll spontaneously combust!

As I’ve mentioned (A few zillion times!!!)  I’m madly in love with the life I’ve created! And my deepest desire is for all women to feel this euphoricness!


I’m working on my first SELF-CARE GUIDE & it feels so magical & content rich and I believe with all that I am that you will benefit from this book  will springboard you, shift you, help shift you into raw happiness.  Pure joy.  The pages of this book have been slowly slipping into place and was to be born this year.  It’s out of my hands now.  The whispers, the dancing chimes & the vivid dreams have become all become too loud to ignore!  I’m ready.


I wanted to create something fun and easy and light!  A book filled with rich content, NEW content, my twist, my take.  I want to share what works for me and what doesn’t.

I want to give you tools and strategies, rituals and practices.


I want you to wake up rested, EXCITED & grateful.


I want your happiness to ignite your entourage, spark  your marriage & make your kids smile!  You are the light.


Weather you choose to see it or dismiss it You, sweet Goddess are the LIGHT.  You’re the LOVE. You set the tone, you lead the charge and you teach.


Teach happiness.


Teach love.


Teach gratitude.


How?  Practice the magical art of self-care.  The end.