about - Genevieve Richer
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I’m Genevieve!

What I do?

I teach women to fall madly in love with them selves.


I teach women to prioritize pleasure without guilt.

I teach women the magical art of self-care

I give them permission to be selfish.

I teach women how to SAY NO.

I inspire them to dig deep & unearth the Goddess that lives within her.


I prioritize pleasure & self-care without a shred of guilt. Which in turn allows my cup to remain full. Zero body shame. I’m just blissfully happy. So I teach the art of self-love.


I shift women from chaos to calm. We’re masterpieces created by a power so great! When that registers, worshiping ourSELVES flows organically!


My energy is off the charts!

Learning from me is an absolute joy!

I’m an expert in all things self-care!

This is my new NORMAL.

I make money being/doing/sharing ME!

It’s easy & FUN!

How do I do life &
why does life work for me?

~ As giving as I am, I’m also SELFISH, I come first (or a close second) most of the time.  I’m at the top of the list for sure & that makes me feel respected, happy, rested, sane.


EVERY day I…

I Lead with Love

I Prioritize pleasure

I practice self- care (sometimes for hours & sometimes minutes but it’s always at the forefront of my mind)

I can’t pour from an empty cup, oxygen mask ME so I can care for others without frustration or annoyance or homicidal thoughts!  😉