10 Seconds to Self-Love - Genevieve Richer
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10 Seconds to Self-Love

10 Seconds to Self-Love

You guys!!!

I’ve created & released my first digital product & the excitement/pride is REAL!

💗 10 Seconds to Self-Love ~ Creating A Daily Practice That Sticks 💗 is the PERFECT place to start if you deeply desire mindful living but STARTING an actual Self-Love Practice feels overwhelming, confusing &/or even complicated!

This work, sent directly to your inbox, is a collection of my favorite, heart-centred practices!

44 total & all of which can be done in ten seconds!

It embodies my unique vibe, my positive spirit & my creative energy!

I’ve decided to be the change I want to see online so this is me…  Pricing MY way + selling/marketing & SHARING MY way!

So if you’re feeling inspired & you desire mad happiness, you’re straight up looking at spending 22$!

No inflated price tag!  Boom!


Here’s the link:


💗 10 Seconds to Self-Love ~ Creating A Daily Practice That Sticks 💗 was designed to help you…

Start fresh
Release resistance
Soften your heart
Fill your cup
Choose kindness
Prioritize LOVE!

Try every single suggestion, or stick with the ones that feel good/light/safe! Layer them up or deep dive into them one at a time… Your practice so your choice!

Either way, this digital offering is straightforward + wildly SIMPLE!

My deepest desire is that you’ll use these activities as a springboard to creating your own self-love practice!


TOP 5 reasons why purchasing my PDF is a super smart move!

  1. It’s 22$!  Honestly!
  2. Serving your loved ones from a place of abundance & joy is HUGE for you!
  3. You’re super busy adulting & you desire SIMPLE jolts of Self-Love that can be practiced in as little as 10 second
  4. You want to feel light, inspired & HAPPY!
  5. I co-created this work with the UNIVERSE so duh… It’s obvi divine inspired & brilliant! 😉

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Geneviève xx

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